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The Goal of CPA is:

To provide a safe, encouraging sim atmosphere.
To make certain each member feels respected and important, regardless of rank.
To provide the Hosts with the base and support they need to operate their own sims as part of the whole group.

General Host Responsibilities
Do all you can to make certain that the simmers placed in your care are content and feeling like an important part of the group. Put downs or insults of players, groups or simulations are specifically against the rules of this group.

The Captain and the XO are, as the Hosts, responsible for sharing the duties involved in running the simulation.

All hosts are to conduct themselves in a courteous and polite manner in all of their dealings with members and non members.

Attend the Celestial Academy whenever possible and encourage your crew to do so as well.

Pay attention to the sim you are hosting. The only IMs that you should be paying attention to are the ones that are pertinent to what is happening in the chat room. Your attention, for that hour, is dedicated to the room and your simmers.

Attendance is crucial. Your players will only view this as important when you do. If you cannot make a sim, inform your Host partner and try to get a replacement. If there are extenuating circumstances where you will be missing several sims, please talk to Admiral Ketchum.

We encourage polite, courteous recruiting.

When we get graduates from the Academy, they will ask to be posted to a simulation, and it may be yours. Be welcoming and attentive, and perhaps assign someone to watch over them for the first few weeks until they get used to the workings of your simulation.

Members will have ideas and suggestions, and they will naturally bring them to you as their Host. Be open and listen, and feel free to contact anyone in the Command string with concerns that you have or that are brought to you.

Weekly Host Duties
Attendance should be logged for each sim, to help you keep track of who is attending and who isn't.
Rosters do change, and we need to be aware of any openings you may have. Send any changes and openings to Admiral Ketchum and the Editor of the Journal as needed so that we are aware of the openings you have available on your simulation. This is how new Ensigns select where they want to sim after graduation.

Announcements should be posted to the Celestial Prime Forums. Also send notices of promotions to the Editor of the Journal. Include the member's name, date of promotion, simulation name and post. These will be posted with the monthly update of the Celestial Prime Journal.

Maintain the a log of all crew logs, broken down by month. In addition, keep record of all crew bios and make sure to keep yourself supplied with an updated crew roster.

Create an exciting Welcome Document Package to be sent to new crew. In addition to historical, engineering specs, and other sim info, this should contain info about the group, such as the Celestial Prime Journal. For ideas and comments, consult Admiral Radetzky.

Designate an Alliance Reporter to send in simulation plot summaries to the Editor of the Journal.

Advanced simulation captains may promote crew up through the rank of Lt. Commander (should take approximately 8 to 18 months).

Once a person has attained Lt. Commander rank, and they show genuine leadersimulation potential, you may feel they are ready for a command of their own. Send their name and specific reasons for your opinions to the New Hosts Director, Admiral Ketchum.

Everyone should start at the rank of Ensign, unless they are transferring from another CPA simulation. We encourage people to blend their characters, and when a simulation to simulation transfer is requested, please fill out the posting application on the Celestial Academy section of the CPJ website.

If, for any reason, the Captain leaves a simulation, command of that simulation will be determined by the Admiralty. Many factors go into this decision, and the XO does not automatically assume command, though they are seriously considered. Also, if an XO leaves, the decision for that person's replacement is not automatic.

If you or any of your crew members have a problem with any CPA member, IMMEDIATELY e-mail the Admiralty. There is also a Judge Advocate General officer, Admiral Radetzky, who is there to assist in these matters. Inform your crew that they can contact them DIRECTLY if they have a problem with someone.

Many personnel problems can be avoided by taking the time and paying attention to your simmers, and avoiding personal arguments in public e-mail. Praise good writing and watch for personal problems people may inadvertently bring to the sim environment.

Current "paperwork" requirements and a General Directory of Services for CPA Command Staff:

Rosters go to Admiral Ketchum, Admiral Radetzky, and Commodore Mollin. Time frame: Monthly or as changes are made. Information from this goes to the CPA Openings Home page. Send a simple list of open positions to Admiral Ketchum that states the open positions on your simulation. It makes his job easier and makes it easier to get recruits to you.

Send sim time changes or command staff changes as they happen to the Admiralty. Changes of this sort need to be approved in advance of moving a sim's time or day, to prevent over scheduling. If you would like to update the description of your sim, send it to Admiral Ketchum.

Command mail string changes should be reported to the Admiralty as needed. Documents will be updated monthly or as needed.

Celestial Prime Journal:
All changes in ranks and position should be sent to Admiral Ketchum and Captain Skyler, the CPJ Editors. They should be sent the simulation's summary for the month by the last day of any given month, in order to get them all together and into the newsletter promptly. Notify the Admiralty when Alliance Report officers change on your simulation.

New Simulations and Host Training:
Admiral Ketchum or Admiral Radetzky will handle all new simulation and host applications.

Pledge Simulation Coordinator:
Admiral Ketchum or Admiral Radetzky will follow new simulations through their eight weeks of pledge simulation training.

Admiral Ketchum maintains and updates the main web page for CPA, and will link to individual simulation websites from the main page. It is our goal to have EVERY simulation in CPA on the web. Contact him for more information. All simulations are granted 50 MBs of ad-free webspace on his own personal server. As simulations enter the Alliance and are given their own sites, the MBs may be reduced. But, seeing as how the Avalon, the most graphic-oriented website the CPA holds, uses under 10 MBs, this should be more than enough.

The Celestial Prime also has forums, each simulation is given space, and as such, it is recommended to have your crew join the forums to post writings.  At this point, only 1 account is allowed per email address.

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