Celestial Prime

"Chasing Dreams, Following Stars"

Celestial Prime is a cooperative union of role-playing and fan fiction writers, working together to provide a fun and creative atmosphere, offering science-fiction / fantasy role-playing simulations,
e-mail-based simulations and forums for genre inspired Fan Writings. 

We are an online community dedicated to harboring superb quality and unimaginable creativity.

Celestial Prime Administration

Admiral Sarah Mollin
AIM: Cdr Sarah Mollin
Vice Commander-in-Chief
Admiral Aleksander Radetzky
AIM: VAdm Radetzky
Director of Personnel / Training
Admiral Keith Ketchum
AIM: AdmiralKetchum
Alliance Journal Editor
Captain Skyler
AIM: CmdrSkyler
Alliance Journal Publisher
Commander Anika Troy

AIM: AnikaLTroy

Celestial Prime is proud to present "The Feast of the Superb Owl" on May 4th, 2013 - Columbus, Ohio
More information at this link

Celestial Prime is proud to have been staff at the MARCON Convention in Columbus, Ohio.
If you would care to assist in this endeavor in the future, contact Admiral Sarah Mollin, or Admiral Keith Ketchum.
For More Information about the convention itself, visit the link here or click on the logo below

On July 20th, 2009, Celestial Prime was admitted to become a Member Organization
of the Science Oriented Literature, Arts, and Education (SOLAE) Foundation
For more information about SOLAE, visit this link.

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